If you would like to integrate your own systems directly with P4D then our API is for you. This means that you can obtain details about all the services we offer, generate quotes, place bookings and more all without ever having to log into P4D. The possibilities are endless - whether you want to integrate our API with your own shopping cart, start selling parcel delivery services through your website or even if you have another idea then this is the place to start.

We have tried to make our API as simple to understand as possible. For more information click the appropriate link below.

Technical Summary

Here are the steps you need to follow to started:

  • Create an account with P4D
  • Obtain your API Key from the 'API & Technical Info' menu
  • Review the available functions below
  • Post your request to
  • You will receive back a response from our system in JSON format

Available Functions

Available Functions
GetBalance Get your current account top-up balance
GetCountries Get a list of all the countries we offer a delivery service to
GetQuote Send address and parcel details and receive back quotes
GetInsurance View the additional insurance options we have available
QuoteInformation Receive details for any quote you have already requested
CollectionTimes Check the available collection dates for any quote you have already requested
PlaceBooking Place a booking through P4D in real time
ParcelStatus Get the status of a parcel you have booked
GetTracking Get the tracking for a parcel you have booked
GetDropOffPoints Find the nearby drop off points