Will Black Friday and Cyber Monday affect your parcel delivery?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2015 resulted in the biggest November salesspike on record according to the UK's online retail association, IMRG.  Shoppers flocked to the High Street on Black Friday and online bargain hunters almost broke the internet on Cyber Monday ordering goods for home delivery. 

Find out how couriers are able to prepare for the increase in demand this year and how you can work around the mayhem to keep it 'business as usual'.

When is Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

This year, Black Friday falls on 25th November and Cyber Monday on the 28th November 2016

Sole traders, giant etailers, and everyone in between will be involved in slashing prices for one day only, either in store or online. It's been suggested that shoppers may spend a phenomenal £1billion this Black Friday weekend and every single online order then has to be delivered to the doorstep. 

Courier demand

Most days you probably receive a handful of envelopes through your letterbox. Now imagine you find fame overnight and, all of a sudden, your local postie has thousands of letters for you. Not only is your local sorting office overwhelmed by your mail, they don't have enough vans to deliver it to your house, and the postie would be there until next Christmas trying to post them through the slit in your front door one by one.

In much the same way, an incredible amount of orders were placed online on Cyber Monday 2015, which clogged up retailer order systems as well as courier networks.

This year, both retailers and couriers are gearing up to cope with demand. Couriers will hire more drivers to see them through the peak season, more vans, and will work longer hours.

Get in early

If you have a personal gift to send or orders to ship as a business customer, we recommend you send these in the next few days to get them delivered before next weekend. 

Where this isn't possible, make sure your parcel is prepared to make its journey in amongst the crowd. One main hub from one courier company can handle 25,000 parcels every hour on a regular day, so preparing your parcel properly is even more important at peak times when this figure dramatically increases.

You'll find more advice on packaging, labelling and insurance in our FAQs.

Smart retailers

If you sell goods online or offer a delivery service we recommend you increase your estimated delivery times for the week surrounding Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so that customers are aware delivery may take longer than normal.

For the end customer, communication is key, so be prepared to also offer extended hours on Customer Service support.

Regardless of the discounts there will naturally be a number of returns on goods and this part of the online buying journey can be a real headache for buyers. 

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