Help the Hospices

Help the Hospices

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Help the Hospices works closely with local hospices to advocate for and raise awareness of the care they provide. They promote and support clinical excellence as well as provide direct support for those on the front line of providing care.

The charity wants the best possible care for everyone facing the end of life and with our support we can work towards achieving this. Help the Hospices work includes the provision of informative and practical resources, influencing government policy and a wide range of training, education and grant programmes.  

Life in hospice care


Inside a hospice the patient’s medical and social care needs are met, but it’s the little things that set the care apart from what is expected.

Help the Hospices

Patients are treated as individuals and the hospice goes the extra mile to make every moment count.

This can be patients choosing their favourite glass of wine from the drinks trolley, having their pet come to stay or simply eating ice cream in the hospice garden.

These moments make patients feel like a person again rather than just their illness.


“Without the hospice I would have given up a long time ago. They helped me live again.”