Tracking Your Parcel

If you're shipping one valuable parcel to a nearby town or you're regularly sending goods overseas, you want to make sure they get to the right destination and if there are any delays or problems along the way, you'll want to know what's happening. This is where services like Track and Trace come in and why anybody who has ever used a courier service is so keen to track their parcel.

Parcel or pallet tracking is provided by all of the major courier companies we work with. They ship thousands upon thousands of parcels all around the world and they must be able to keep tabs on them to make sure they can provide every single customer, whether they are an individual or a business, with the information they need.

International courier services are constantly improving their parcel tracking methods, making good use of new technology and improving the information they can provide to their customers. It is not all about the location, it's also about the ability to provide this information quickly and accurately. Although challenging, progression of these methods is vital and a prime concern for all courier companies.

P4D works with many different shipping companies and each of them has their own tracking methods. There are services like DPD Tracking, Interlink Express Tracking, Interlink Tracking and UPS Tracking that you can find independently, including the UK arm of UPS: UPS Tracking UK.

More traditional tracking methods like the Post Office Track and Trace service are entirely separate. Royalmail Tracking, or Royal Mail Tracking, is not provided through P4D.

If you place an order through P4D we'll provide tracking for you from the international couriers we use - that is regardless of the carrier and a service we provide for all of them. If you need City Link Tracking or DHL Tracking, for example, we will contact them on your behalf.

Many courier companies provide UK-specific tracking services for those who only ship domestic goods: DHL Tracking UK, and UPS UK Tracking.

You may come across HDNL tracking, which is short for Home Delivery Network tracking. This network has now merged with some DHL services, so a DHL track, if part of this new network comes under Yodel. DHL ships all over the world and an independent DHL tracking international service remains.

Citylink tracking, Parcelforce tracking and TNT tracking are also all provided by P4D as part of your service from us. Parcel Force tracking like all the others is fast and efficient - we only work with carriers who are able to provide services to our customers that are successful and efficient.

The TNT Tracker service specifically offers TNT Track and Trace, TNT International Tracking, and TNT Tracking International, so there is no stone left unturned.