You make the sale, we'll save you time when you ship it

If you're a small business owner trying to get to grips with delivery, you're in the right place. P4D is a courier reseller, which means we offer UK and international delivery services from major couriers at discounted prices, but the monetary saving is only the start. We are software experts working in the courier industry, building our own booking systems to save you time as well as money. Signing up for a P4D account is free and you'll have instant access to quick booking tools, online payment facilities, and integration tools for online sellers. Our booking systems are free to use and as your business grows, the tools we can offer grow with you.

Clear, simple systems

The feedback we receive most often is how easy our booking system is to use, plus you don't need to install or download a thing to use it. Use P4D to send adhoc or regular parcels, or ask for our self-contained shipping management system to handle multiple courier accounts away from P4D.

Free integration tools

You can upload spreadsheets of orders, import from eBay or Amazon, or connect with eCommerce platforms to save time on shipping -- we have an API for technical wizards. If you sell across multiple channels, our system pulls all of your orders together to process them as one batch.

Retailer returns service

Online shoppers have confidence in sellers who make it easy to return goods, which is why we offer P4D business customers a returns service at It's free to use and you can offer the returns service to some or all of your customers, setting different rates.

Parcel and pallet delivery

You can use P4D to book delivery of parcels, pallets and documents. High volume senders can arrange for a courier to collect parcels every day, regardless of how many there are to send, so you can book in parcels for collection right up to the last minute for UK and international delivery.

Customer Service support

At P4D you can speak to a human being, which makes our complementary Customer Service support a priceless investment. We have a team of people working almost around the clock to contact couriers on your behalf. You don't want to spend any time chasing delays or claims, that's our job.

Stock fulfilment centre

If you're over-run with stock at your home or office, store it at the P4D fulfilment centre and orders you receive ship directly from there. Every small business owner or online seller has individual needs for parcel delivery fulfilment, so we find unique solutions to help you grow your business.


Whether you're new to shipping or an established business unable to find the right shipping solution, we'd love to hear from you. Register now to start using P4D today or get in touch with our Sales team to discuss your requirements.


P4D is therefore led by a team of people who know the courier industry well and understand what needs to be done in order to improve it. Your time is valuable, so we've stripped out all the unnecessary hurdles you traditionally find as barriers to using a courier service, like complicated account services and clunky booking tools. We've designed a booking system that is simple and easy to use -- that's the feedback we get most often from our customers.