Parcelforce 48

Parcelforce 48 is rooted in the traditional British delivery agent the Royal Mail. The 48, of course, refers to the promise to deliver the package within two days of dispatch. This service is marginally cheaper than the 24-hour service the company also offers.

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Your goods must be on a pallet, wrapped and stable for lift (?)

Choose your pallet size

Quarter pallets
Up to 250kg
Up to 0.8m high

Half pallets
Up to 500kg
Up to 1.1m high

Full pallets
Up to 1000kg
Up to 2.0m high

    Same Day Service

    Same Day Delivery

    If you have a parcel, pallet or document you need to ship in a hurry within the UK, get an instant quote right here for a TNT Same Day collection and delivery.

    This is a documents service for papers only. Your documents must weigh 1.5kg or less when packaged and be 40cm x 30cm x 5cm or smaller in size.

    Package your documents in a cardboard envelope, not paper, so they can withstand transportation within a large courier network (?). Measure the dimensions for your envelope in the same way as you would measure a parcel, using 1cm for anything less than 1cm in size.

    Two-Man Service

    The two-man service is not suitable for one-off bookings, but is a flexible and affordable service for any business regularly shipping bulky items that can't be shipped via a pallet service. Two Yodel XL couriers arrive to lift your items in to the van safely and securely, and upon delivery can assist with installation or other specialist requirements. Tailor-made to suit your needs it is suitable for delivery of white goods, brown goods, beds and mattresses, flat pack or rigid furniture, garden furniture, gym equipment and more.

    Two man lift

    P4D for Business

    If you ship regularly, you'll always be looking for the most affordable shipping service you can find, but this doesn't mean it should be cheap: service is just as important, as is customer support when you need it. We offer a wide choice of courier networks with UK, European and international delivery for parcels, pallets, documents and freight.

    The more you ship, the more you'll save with cheaper rates for higher volumes, regular collection if you need it, plus integration for your online shop to streamline your delivery process. We have a strong customer service team on hand over the phone and by email out of hours. There are also designated contacts for business account holders to help keep all of your shipping activity under one roof.

    Parcelforce 48 Cost

    The company draws a loyal customer base due to its historic connection to the Royal Mail, which still owns it as a subsidiary. The company still operates out of its headquarters in Milton Keynes, which is a mere 20 minutes by train from busy central London and is also in easy reaching distance of national airports. This location feeds into the company's hub and spoke structure, which allows them to reach across the world.

    Parcelforce 48 Service

    A further state-of-mind connection on offer from Parcelforce 48 is that, owned by the Royal Mail, they are in turn owned by General Logistics Systems (GLS), which are the only delivery network to operate throughout Europe and further afield. This means that because the ultimate parent company of Parcelforce 48 more than likely controls the company that will be picking your delivery up at customs, your package will experience very few hold ups crossing borders. You can be sure of a high level of service from the start to finish of your package's journey.

    Parcelforce 48 Track and Trace

    GLS and therefore Parcelforce 48 are responsible for delivering more than one million parcels a day. The worldwide network puts them in direct competition with giants like DHL. The company and its "Worldwide" arm was the first express carrier in the UK to offer its customers carbon offsetting.

    Parcelforce began life as Royal Mail Parcels until it was rebranded in 1990. This was the result of the Tory Government's drive toward privatization, which was driven by Michael Heseltine. Ten years ago Parcelforce was left to focus on time-guaranteed, next day and two-day delivery services.