Business accounts

If you send more than 200 parcels every month and ship parcels on a daily basis then P4D Pro is for you, just fill out our short form below to inquire. We'll agree your delivery tariff, then arrange for a courier to collect every day. This means you can book in parcels right up to the minute they collect, even on the same day

High flyer courier service

Businesses with a direct courier account ship thousands of parcels, so they get great rates. These rates may not be accessible to you directly with the courier, but you can get them through P4D and the service is exactly the same. Whether you work out of a back room, a virtual office or have your own storage centre, you'll be flying high with the bigger corporations enjoying all the benefits of a professional yet cheap courier collection. If you're not shipping in the hundreds, but you do ship more than 20 parcels every week, you may be eligible for a Semi Pro account: View your options.

Benefits of a Pro account

  • Connect easily with trading sites like eBay or other online shops
  • Connect quickly with payment processors like PayPal
  • Save delivery addresses to your Pro or SemiPro account
  • Upload CSV files to quickly generate address labels
  • Print delivery reports for the driver
  • Track your parcels online
  • Online billing takes the hassle out of invoicing
  • No downloads
  • No installation
  • Everything we do is web based; PC or Mac

Apply for a Pro account:

P4D Pro

How do I sign up for an account with P4D?

You don't have to have an account to use our site, but if you're shipping regularly you'll want to keep track of your orders and payments, as well as make use of our upload facility for delivery addresses and top-up payment feature.

Learn more or sign up now

Remember to log in every time you place an order to make sure it assigns to your account. If you do forget, let us know and we'll assign it for you. If you forget your password, simply enter your username and select the option to re-set it.

How do I get cheaper rates?

You'll need to be shipping a healthy number of parcels before we can offer you a shipping discount, which will either need to be proven over time trading with us or by sending us copies of courier invoices that reflect high volumes.

You don't have to have an account with us to make an enquiry about signing up for a business account, but if you'd like us to start monitoring your volumes right away or we agree on a cheaper rate on sign-up it will be much quicker if you already have a P4D username.

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Can I have regular collections?

Providing you are shipping high volumes that warrant a regular collection agreement, we'll find the right courier network for your business, arrange the days for collection and manage your courier relationship going forward.

You will need to provide evidence for your shipping volume before we can establish a new courier collection.

Get the ball rolling by first signing up for your P4D username. Next, complete our P4D Pro enquiry form. Alternatively, email your username to our Sales team along with details of what it is you send, where to and how often. We'll call or email you back, depending on your preference.

What is Semi Pro?

P4D Pro is our business brand for those shipping more than 200 parcels every month. Semi Pro is an intermediary support level for those shipping 20 parcels or more every month with a goal to increase this over time as their business grows.

As soon as you have your P4D account and username we can start monitoring your shipping volume, so that when you're ready to go Pro we can offer rates to reflect your volume. Over time, as your business grows, you'll have a designated contact to discuss the development of your account from Semi Pro to Pro.

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Why should I use P4D?

Anybody shipping regularly will appreciate that shipping costs can be expensive, which is why a P4D Pro business account is so important, since we help to reduce this cost. But, we don't stop there. We're a software company at heart developing systems and software that saves you time too on the shipping process.

We offer shipping solutions across all areas, from parcels, pallets and documents, to air and sea freight. You'll have a designated contact in our office to discuss the development of your business account and to manage the relationship with your courier provider. Credit facilities and online billing is available to Pro customers once a trading history has been established, so that you can cut down your invoice admin too.

You can read more about the benefits of business accounts on our P4D Pro page and make an enquiry if you'd like to discuss your options.

Do you offer freight services and other bespoke offerings?

If you have something to ship, we'll get you a quote for shipping it. It's as simple as that.

We work with many different courier networks and add to our list of services as often as a new service comes along that we feel is relevant or useful to our customers.

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P4D Pro account admin

Who do I contact about a business account?

We have dedicated contacts who work closely with you to find the right courier network for your business at the right price. We'll get to know you and your shipping routine, so that we can move your account in a direction that means you no longer have to waste time or money on your shipping procedure. Sales will deal with the courier contract on your behalf and Customer Service will help you with your orders - they're on hand late in to the evening.

Sales for accounts

To ask about setting up a business account fill in our quick P4D Pro enquiry form. To discuss couriers, services and rates on an active business account email Sales directly.

Customer Service for orders

You must contact Customer Support directly with any issues around non-collection, a failed delivery, problems at Customs or any other concern around a specific order. Their Inbox is monitored out of hours and at weekends, so will always result in the fastest response.

How do I change my invoice address?

Your collection address is your default invoice address, but you might want to change this if your business premises are elsewhere.

We do not offer the facility to do this automatically on our website, but we welcome you to email our Sales team with a separate address for invoicing. We'll confirm the change.

How do I change my username?

To keep your account history tidy this is not something we encourage, but we appreciate that sometimes it might be necessary and, at the end of the day, it's your account!

We do not offer the facility to do this automatically on our website. Please email our Sales team with the old username and the new username you would like to use.
nb. You must email us from the email address associated with the account.