Extra services for small business owners

Courier companies offer account services with great rates to businesses shipping thousands of parcels each week. If these rates aren't available to you as a smaller company, you can get them through P4D. The courier service you receive is exactly the same. Whether you work out of a back room or share an office, enjoy all the benefits of a professional courier collection, but pay a fraction of the price.

Building our Pro service around your needs

If you send more than 200 parcels every month you can apply for an a P4D Pro account. We'll agree your delivery tariff and arrange for a courier to collect every day. You can book parcels in right up to the last minute, even on the same day. If you're not eligible for a daily collection but ship 20 parcels every week, we may be able to offer you a Semi Pro account. Our Sales team are on hand to discuss your options. 

Online sellers and marketplace traders

Our booking systems are all built in-house by our own team, which means you get a say in what happens next since we encourage your feedback. We develop integration tools for online sellers using API and deep linking, but if you don't want anything technical our simple booking system for multiple order upload is free to use. All you need to do is sign up for a free account and upload a spreadsheet or connect with online shops like eBay and Amazon.

We are constantly evolving

We'll let you know about new strings to our bow on the What's New page.

What's New with P4D?

Apply for P4D Pro

  • Connect quickly with payment processors like PayPal
  • Connect easily with trading sites like eBay 
  • Save delivery addresses to your account
  • Upload CSV files to quickly generate address labels
  • Print delivery reports for the driver
  • Track your parcels online
  • Online billing takes the hassle out of invoicing
  • No downloads
  • No installation
  • Everything we do is web based; PC or Mac