Teenage Cancer Trust

Teenage Cancer Trust

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Teenage Cancer Trust is a charity devoted to improving the lives of young people with cancer. We believe that teenagers shouldn’t stop being teenagers because they have cancer. Usually placed on a children’s ward or with elderly patients, young people often feel isolated when facing a cancer diagnosis. We build specialist units in NHS hospitals where young people with cancer are treated with others their own age, in an environment suited to their needs.

Teenage Cancer Trust units are designed to be as close as possible to a young person’s normal life, helping them cope with gruelling treatment and long stays in hospital. They also bring teenagers with cancer together so they can support each other.

Young people are involved in the planning of Teenage Cancer Trust units, so you might find pool tables, games, vending machines, computers or friends chatting on webcams. It’s about giving teenagers the chance to be themselves.

Teenage Cancer Trust Oasis Room

We also fund Teenage Cancer Trust Nurse Consultants and youth support workers, across the country. Experts in teenage and young adult cancer care, they provide clinical expertise, develop services and research, deliver professional education and training and represent and advocate, nationally and internationally on behalf of Teenage Cancer Trust.