Where did all the penguins go?

Our Christmas Round Up Your Pound special, which resulted in one of our most successful fundraisers to date. Over the course of only 2 months, you raised £752.19 in small change for Post Pals and we added our Christmas donation of £100, totalling £852.19 for the charity that puts smiles on the faces of seriously ill children.

Penguin Amnesty

Post Pals will donate £30 of this money to the Penguin Amnesty, run by Mum and blogger, Kay Wilkinson. She sent out around 60 donations of penguins in various forms (books, night lights, puzzles, balloons, badges, jewellery, etc.) to Post Pals children at Christmas time. Kay raised the majority of the postage cost herself before we topped up the rest, which means more than £820 will go to the general Post Pals cause. We think Kay's efforts with the Penguin Amnesty are remarkable and here's how it went:

Penguin Post

Penguin books, toys and goodies were donated for the Amnesty

Penguin Post

Penguins were packaged up as Christmas presents by Kay...

Penguin Post

...and her family

Penguin Post

Christmas cards and well wishes were added

Penguin Post

Kay ended up with more than 25 parcels to send to Pals!

Penguin Dominic

Penguins were received by Pals like Dominic, here, who has spent most of his life in hospital

Penguin parcels

Kay sent penguin parcels to Post Pals children who suffer from serious illness, as well as siblings like Isla whose brother Lennon has only one functioning kidney and Nico whose sister, Alicia, died of cystic fibrosis in 2012. Some of the other children who were sent penguins are Aaron, Alice, Meggie, Rowan, Daisy, Phoebe, Eloise and Poppy:

Aaron Daisy Eloise
Aaron Daisy Eloise
Phoebe Rowan Poppy
Phoebe Rowan Poppy
 Meggie  Alice  
Meggie Alice  

Every child's story is important, here are only a few:

Aaron's Mum sent this message to Kay: "Big Thankyou to Kay & friends, for Aaron's lovely gifts, they've really cheered him up as he's off in hospital on Friday for an operation on his legs" - hope it all went well, Aaron!

Alice worked tirelessly to increase the bone marrow donor register by 40,000 and in 2012 won a well-deserved Pride of Britain Award, presented by Robbie Williams. Post Pals were sad to report that Alice passed away this month. Her famous Bucket List blog lives on as an inspiration to us all.

Meggie's Mum says she "is having so many seizures at the moment... I would like to say a big thankyou to everybody though, for the fluffy penguins (they have been cuddled non stop)".

Dominic's Mum tracked Kay down on Twitter to say "thank you for the amazing @postpals parcel you sent Dominic" and tagged it "#kindnessofstrangers".

Thank you from Post Pals

We received a letter from Post Pals, which is run by volunteers who are ill themselves, which makes the work they do even more incredible. In thanks to all of YOU who rounded up your pound, they said: “Post Pals has no employees so all the donations we receive are passed onto our projects and this money will be used to host our summer party where our postees and their family can enjoy a day with other like mind people. One family member was heard to say to a sibling ‘this is one day where we can let xxxx be his normal self and we do not have to pretend’ ...” - this makes every single penny worthwhile.