PlaceBooking (V2)

This is the final function and is used to place a booking directly on our system. Before you can place a booking you must have already used the GetQuote function and have a QuoteID and OptionID that you would like to book.

Input Fields

Field Name Required? Description Example
ShipAction YES This tells our system which function you require PlaceBooking
Username YES You must specify your username testuser
APIKey YES This is available from your P4D account page HJ1E6DOTRDXAOLB
QuoteID YES The QuoteID obtained from GetQuote QUOTESSWIRHSIX6EXH
ItemID YES The OptionID obtained from GetQuote 950
CollectionDate NO The date you would like the item to be collected
Available collection dates are returned by GetQuote
InsuranceID NO Would you like to add additional insurance to this booking? Use the InsuranceCode from the GetInsurance call IN_1
ContactEmail NO This is where our order confirmation email will be sent. If you don't specify this value then the email will be sent to your registered account address
Useful tips

LabelLink will return a URL for the carriers label if available.

LabelRequired indicates whether you are required to print the label, 1 = optional, 2 = required, 3 = not required. CommercialInvoiceLink will contain the URL of your commercial invoice if this is required (see CommercialInvoiceRequired).

PackingSlip is the URL to an optional packing slip provided by P4D

Example Output

stdClass Object
    [ShipAction] => PlaceBooking
    [Status] => Success
    [RequestDate] => 2012-10-04 21:35:14
    [Username] => testuser
    [OrderNumber] => TSM662015
    [LabelLink] =>
    [LabelRequired] => 1
    [CommercialInvoiceLink] => 
    [CommercialInvoiceRequired] => 0
    [PackingSlip] =>
    [OldBalance] => 16839.47
    [NewBalance] => 16820.29
    [TransactionID] => API2603D5J7