British Heart Foundation

British Heart Foundation

We raised £511.00

Thanks to Rachel who represents BHF Cheltenham for coming in to our offices to pick up the charity cheque and for being such a great person to work with. Here's our CEO, Steve, handing over the cheque.

Charity cheque


The British Heart Foundation is the Nations’ Heart Charity. 2011 brings their 50th anniversary and in that time they’ve made some amazing discoveries and saved the lives of millions of people. We're supporting their latest campaign: Mending Broken Hearts.

Mending hearts

Research work from the British Heart Foundation continues and as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations they've launched a new appeal called the Mending Broken Hearts appeal, which aims to find a cure for heart disease by encouraging the heart to grow new, healthy cells – so it will literally mend itself.

At the moment, if someone has a heart attack, part of their heart dies and it cannot be reversed. but pioneering 'Mending Hearts' research will hopefully mean that people will have a fully functioning heart again. The first professor who will be paid by the British Heart Foundation to carry out this study is Professor Paul Riley.

The British Heart Foundation is hoping to raise £50,000 for the research.