Secure online payment

When you use a debit or credit card to pay for your order at we'll give you the option to remember your card details for next time using SagePay, an established online payment provider.


How it works

- Enter your card details at the P4D checkout

- Ask us to remember them for next time to save you time

- Your card details are then stored on the SagePay server, not ours

- When you next use the card at our checkout, you'll be asked to submit the three digit security code

- We send this along with a code SagePay provides us with, which represents your card details 

- If the details match, SagePay approves the payment

- P4D does not at any point see or store your card number

For more information visit the SagePay website

Alternative Top Up service

When you register for a free account with P4D and you can use our flexible Top Up payment service to sail through the checkout and pay as you go.

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