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Computers 4 Africa

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Computers 4 Africa is a charity that offers a free and secure alternative to IT disposal by reusing and repurposing working, but redundant IT equipment. Businesses, schools and organisations in the UK can donate used equipment to help equip schools and communities across Africa.

Win-win recycling solution      

African studentsComputers 4 Africa accepts donations of IT equipment in working order that is less than eight years old. Under certain conditions, a collection service can be arranged for larger quantities. All donated equipment is then refurbished and PAT tested. Memory devices are securely data-wiped to InfoSec 5/MoD standard.

The charity is a carbon neutral organisation, working alongside Green organisations to decrease its carbon footprint -- something that P4D also does in the form of tree planting. UK schools and business can therefore Round Up Their Pound and also make a positive contribution to a united Corporate Social Responsibility.

Brand partnerships

SEGA has worked with Computers 4 Africa since August 2011. To date, 6792 children in Africa have used a PC donated by SEGA.

A spokesperson for The Economist says: "We hope the donation of some of our unneeded computer equipment will enable better education for children in Africa."

Eurotunnel Manager, Geoff Bishop, says: "The complete experience of the hardware transfer ... has been extremely positive. I am very pleased that our redundant IT equipment has found the opportunity of a reinvigorated life. Computers 4 Africa provided support and partnership to make it all possible with the minimum amount of fuss.” 

Real stories

Donated computer equipment is sent to schools, colleges, humanitarian and community projects across Africa. Students are empowered regardless of gender, religion, disability or parentage. Developing IT skills broadens education and career opportunities with increased earning potential up to three times the national average. This could help to lift a person and their family out of poverty forever:

More than 1.45 million children from 23 countries across Africa can say they have used a refurbished donated PC from the UK community. In this month alone, 345,000 students will be using one. All of this comes from something that is essentially seen as ‘rubbish’ in the UK, but an old computer can transform the lives of African children. By rounding up your pound, you support Computers 4 Africa in their work.

"Without IT education you have nothing” - Ester, Maasai girl aged 13