Carbon offset your delivery

Thank you! You've helped us plant 864 trees since May 2011!! Our new total starts 5th September 2016.

P4D operates within an industry that uses a lot of fuel and although we don't drive the lorries ourselves or fly the airplanes that deliver your goods, we do contribute to a courier carbon footprint that we'd like to counterbalance as much as we can. In light of this, we give all of our customers the option to carbon offset every order.

Watch the P4D forest grow!

How does the P4D Green Scheme work?

We calculate how long your goods will spend in the air, on the road or at sea, then let you know the cost to carbon offset this delivery. This is a usually only a matter of pence, which increases the further your goods travel from the UK, to Europe, or the rest of the world.

If you choose to carbon offset your order all of your extra pennies go to OxTreeGen. They  plant new trees to help the planet breathe. Each tree costs £10 to buy, so 200 trees planted would mean we've raised £2,000. New trees are planted for projects that support reforestation, help to enhance biodiversity, or reduce soil erosion.  

Planting new trees

OxTreeGen runs tree-planting events, which the team at P4D have joined. We've planted new trees at local Oxfordshire reserves, such as Lower Farm and Boundary Brook.  

At Boundary Brook we planted two trees in honour of P4D customers and Green Scheme supporters, Derek and Vera, who sent us this kind message:

"Thank you very much indeed for your update on the P4D green activities in tree planting. My wife and I were really uplifted after a frustrating day fighting the Internet !!!!!

As a couple of 80 year olds who are trying, well I am, to keep some sort of connection with technology, I was a Marine Engineer in what seems an earlier life and then an engineer in Banbury yonks ago, but sometimes think I am losing the battle!! So your letter sort of lifted my spirits, THANK YOU.

We are about to put in the post to you a small cheque to help in your Green activities and a small THANK YOU to you and P4D for your kindness.

Kind regards

Vera and Derek"

Tree planted with thanks to Vera