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Frequently Asked Questions - Pallet Delivery


How do I send a pallet?

Pallets are used for heavy items, large items or a collection of goods that are being shipped together. They support the weight of the item(s) you are sending then slotted into an appropriate shipping vehicle to get your goods to their destination securely. A forklift is used to lift the pallets.

In order to book a pallet delivery you must supply your own pallet and wrapping, and make sure the pallet is stable for transportation as the whole pallet will tilt when lifted. You must be familiar with all the pallet shipping requirements we document in these pallet shipping FAQs so that you can make an informed acceptance of our Terms and Conditions before confirming your booking.

You can get an instant quote online for UK and some European pallet deliveries and book it now. International shipments, bulk orders, and business rates are quoted by our Sales team who will scout around for your best price, by air or sea: Get a quote now.

If your goods are too large for the pallet shipping size, height or weight restrictions, you can consider our two-man delivery service instead where your goods will be lifted by two people.

Sending multiple items

If you're sending a pallet of goods, it's important not to think of them as one item because they are all on one pallet. Think of them as many items and give them each the same attention you would if you were sending each parcel separately. You must make sure all the goods on your pallet are individually well packaged in line with our packaging requirements to protect them during transit.

What are the size, weight and height restrictions?

There are 5 different standard sizes for pallets: Full, Light, Half. Quarter & Mini.

All of them have the same base size, which is 1m wide by 1.2m deep:

Full Pallets

The following three restrictions all apply for size, weight and height:

1. Goods must not be bigger than the 1.2m x 1m base
2. Goods must not weigh more than 1000kg
3. Goods must not sit higher than 2.2m including the pallet base.
NOTE: Assisted loading is not available for goods in excess of 750kg.

Light Pallets

The following three restrictions all apply for size, weight and height:

1. Goods must not be bigger than the 1.2m x 1m base
2. Goods must not weigh more than 750kg
3. Goods must not sit higher than 2m including the pallet base

Half Pallets

The following three restrictions all apply for size, weight and height:

1. Goods must not be bigger than the 1.2m x 1m base
2. Goods must not weigh more than 500kg
3. Goods must not sit higher than 1.1m including the pallet base

Quarter Pallets

The following three restrictions all apply for size, weight and height:

1. Goods must not be bigger than the 1.2m x 1m base
2. Goods must not weigh more than 250kg
3. Goods must not sit higher than 0.8m including the pallet base

Mini Pallets

The following three restrictions all apply for size, weight and height:

1. Goods must not be bigger than the 1.2m x 1m base
2. Goods must not weigh more than 150kg
3. Goods must not sit higher than 0.6m including the pallet base

Irregular sized pallets

If you have a non-standard size pallet for UK or international delivery, we can get you a tailored quote for this: Get your quote now.

Can I send engines by courier?

Engines are on the prohibited list. however if they are fully drained and packaged properly then they can be sent with either of our carriers. They will accept engines if they are completely flushed of oil and are dry. The dipstick must also be accessible for the courier to check it.

What happens if my item overhangs the pallet?

If you have a particularly large item you can book extra space to accommodate this. Physically, only one pallet can be lifted for transportation, but you can book space on the lorry for the width of two pallets.

What counts as overhang?

Overhang is overhang, whether it is 1cm or 10cm - if your item is not fully contained within the pallet base then it does not fit. Pallet lorries load pallets side by side in rows. If your goods overhang your pallet it means another pallet cannot be slotted in next to it and you will be charged for this extra space or your pallet refused altogether:

Booking extra space for larger items

If your item overhangs one pallet, you can book space for two pallets to accommodate this. However, pallets are lifted by a forklift, which only has two prongs. This means only one physical pallet can be lifted at a time.The maximum extra space allowance is two pallet widths (2m) and the goods must still sit within the 1.2m depth:

The usual size, weight and height restrictions still apply, depending on whether you're using a full, half, or quarter pallet. Your goods should be secured to the centre of the pallet:

You can then book and pay for two pallet spaces and your one physical pallet can be loaded in to the lorry with the goods taking up the space either side:


If your item overhangs the pallet and you haven't booked extra space, either your pallet will not be collected at all, resulting in a failed collection charge, or your pallet will be collected and you will be asked to pay a surcharge. Either way, you will need to pay extra for your shipment.

Can I load my pallet at either angle?

When you measure your item you may find it is the perfect size to fit a pallet. However, it must fit the width and depth of the pallet base appropriately to be accommodated.

Natural orientation

You may have a heavy item that naturally sits with the shortest length across the bottom as it stands on the pallet, filling all of the available space - see the image on the left, below.

If this same item naturally sits with the longest length across the bottom - say it is too heavy to lift on to its side or this is simply its natural orientation, the overall size of the item may be right for the pallet space, but at this angle it overhangs the pallet base meaning it does not fit. If your item overhangs your pallet, you must book more than one pallet space or you will be charged extra.

Pallet upright

What is pallet wrapping?

Your item must be on a pallet and wrapped before the driver arrives. Pallet wrapping (like cling film) secures your goods to the pallet ready for transportation. Wrapping provides no protection for your goods and they must already be well packaged in line with our guidelines before they go on the pallet.


If you are shipping an engine and the pallet is shrink wrapped, there must be a hole in the shrink wrap, so that the courier can access the dipstick to check the engine for oil.

What access is needed for pallet trucks?

Pallet collections and deliveries are usually made by large 18.5 tonne lorries. This means that access at both the collection and delivery points needs to be suitable for large vehicles. We can request that vehicles have both a tail-lift and pallet truck (pump truck) to help at locations where there is no forklift available.

Restricted access

If you have access issues to either premises, there is the option to request a 7.5 tonne lorry. Contact our Customer Service team to book this or ask to speak to our pallet expert.

Are pallets stacked on top of one another?

Palletised goods are not stacked on top of one another.

Larger pallet lorries may have two levels inside, so that they can stack pallets two rows high, but the pallets themselves sit on metal supports and not on top of one another.

Should I sign for a damaged pallet?

Report any damage at the time of delivery.

If you sign for a pallet, but don't report damage upon delivery, it is assumed you are signing for receipt of the palletised goods in good condition. Write "DAMAGE" next to your signature if the goods cannot be refused and notify us straight away via Support.

Terms of Service

    1. Items must be secured to a pallet, wrapped and accessible to a pallet lorry for loading. Pallets will tilt when lifted by forklift and goods must, therefore, be stable on the pallet. Collection and delivery must be made from hard standing e.g. No gravel, soil or uneven surfaces.
    2. Your item must not overhang the pallet base or allotted height (book extra space if needed) The pallet base is 1.2m deep x 1m wide and height as selected (quarter, half or full pallet).
    3. Any damage must be reported at the time of delivery, otherwise, it is assumed the shipment is signed for in good condition
    4. Personal effects may be sent using the pallet services, however, this is a business hours collection and delivery service - Suitable access is required.
    5. Engines, gearboxes, car parts and any item that has contained oil is are only allowed if the cargo is dry and cleaned. If you continue with a booking, you can be issued a surcharge of £15 for a cancellation, £20 for a failed collection and up to £1,000 for a vehicle clean up. All surcharges are plus Vat.

If the courier arrives to find any of these terms are not met they can refuse collection and you will be liable to pay a failed collection charge of £20+VAT per pallet. Surcharges are also issued for under-declared goods. If wasted journeys are made during the collection or delivery of your goods due to the fault of the sender or receiver, P4D reserves the right to pass on a surcharge of £20+VAT per pallet. If a surcharge has been issued and remains unpaid, this can result in delays to delivery. Where undelivered goods are held for some time, the pallet provider may also issue storage charges. You'll find more detailed advice on all aspects of these Terms in the FAQs below.


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