Regular collection for high volume senders

If you're sending more than 200 parcels per month, we can arrange regular collection of your parcels. This means a courier calls to collect every specified day, regardless of how many parcels you have to send; the more you ship, the more you save.

Cheaper shipping rates
Money box savings

We agree size and weight restrictions for your parcels and set rates accordingly. As long as your goods stay within these terms, we charge your account for whatever you send.

Regular collection time
Easy parcel delivery

Once a regular collection is established you'll know what time to expect the courier. Book in parcels on your account right up to the last minute, just before they call to collect. 

Customer service support
High quality service

Our team manages the courier on your behalf. We also track live orders to offer independent tracking information and highlight potential problems before they develop.


If you qualify, contact our Sales team with detailed information about what you send, where to, and how often.