The Turing Trust

The Turing Trust for Round Up Your Pound

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The Turing Trust charity is an African micro-development charity set up to help develop rural schools in Ghana. Set up in 2009, their work replies solely on donations, plus dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers. So far the trust has constructed two school dormitories, a computer lab, and delivered nearly one hundred computers to the schools in Ghana.

Computer recycling scheme


The Turing Trust is dedicated to improving and developing educational facilities in schools to give children the best education they possibly can.

One way they do this is by running a computer recycling scheme where computers from the UK are donated, restored and shipped to Ghana for use in schools.

Sponsorship for schools


It costs just £23 per year for a child in Ghana to attend a school, which for most families is too expensive.

The Turing Trust has therefore created a scheme in which students can be sponsored throughout their studies enabling them to attend schools and gain an education.

Not only do students who are sponsored gain an education, they also get regular meals, which they may not do at home.


"The emotions on the teachers and students' faces as we were setting up the computers is something I will treasure forever" - Volunteer, Tom Walker