Pay As You Go parcel delivery

August Top Up Offer!

Add a top up before 15th of August to receive an additional bonus from us!

£20 - £250 = 6% Bonus 
£250 - £1,000 = 8% Bonus
£1000 - £2,500 = 10% Bonus
£2500 - £10,000 = 12% Bonus
£10,000+  = 15% Bonus

e.g - Add a top up of £500 and we will credit your account with an additional £40 (8%)


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In the same way you can top up a Pay As You Go mobile, you can top up your parcel delivery account with P4D. Built by us, this unique payment service is popular with customers who want a flexible way to pay for parcel delivery, as and when they need the service. Register for an account and start using the service straight away. This is a free, complementary payment facility that speeds up the booking process. 

Easy as ABCBenefits of using Top Up:

  • No need to remember card details
  • No risk of entering incorrect payment details
  • No need to go through security checks

Sail through the checkout

Top up as little or often as you like with either the exact amount to process an order or with extra funds to maintain a reserve. You'll then have the option with every order to use your Top Up account to pay.