Tree Planting March 2012

Many thanks to Mark and Nick at OxTreeGen for inviting us along to their tree-planting event at Lower Farm Radley in Oxford in support of the P4D Green Scheme. Part of Climate Week 2012, we were interested to see the hard work that comes of your collaborative donations to the P4D carbon offsetting initiative. 

Lower Farm in-filling

OxtreeGen, who use your donations to plant new trees, are working with the landowner at Lower Farm to plant five hectares of permanent woodland over the next two years. The area is set just a couple of hundred yards from the river Thames and we were 'in-filling,' which involves replacing trees that have failed to establish. This is just one of the many projects OxTreeGen are working on at any one time.

Trees from the nursery

Working together to plant in even rows

 Chef supplying us with tea and breakfast

P4D's Colin getting stuck in


The tube then sits upright and over the root of the tree to protect it during its growth period. Over time, the tube will break away or be removed and the tree left to grow free from obstruction.

We continue to raise funds every month for OxTreeGen to plant new trees.

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