Generate your commercial invoice

As this is an international delivery outside the European Union SIX COPIES of a Commercial Invoice are required, which must include a Commodity Code. If you have not shipped internationally before, we appreciate the procedure can seem complex, so please check our FAQs eg. What is a Commercial Invoice? and What is a Commodity Code? or contact us for advice.

VAT numbers

If you are VAT registered, enter your registration number below. If you're not registered tick "Non VAT Registered". We strongly recommend you also enter the recipient's VAT status as well. If they are registered, enter their VAT registration number or Personal ID number. If you don't know whether or not they are registered, we recommend you find out, this clearly identifies the status of both parties and reduces any risk of further inspection.

Reason for shipping

Description of the goods you are sending

You must provide correct and detailed information about the goods you are shipping, including the related Commodity Code, so that your package can pass through Customs without delay. If you're not sure which commodity code to use or have questions about the process, you'll find an explanation of what it is and where to find it, plus general guidance on Customs and how it works in our International Shipping FAQs. If your reason for shipping is "Personal Effects" we strongly recommend you check both our prohibited listing for "Unsuitable Goods" and the Customs restrictions for your destination before attempting to ship.

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