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P4D specialises in all modes of Sea freight. From individual pallet delivery to LCL and full container shipping. Get an instant quote online today, or speak to a member of our sea freight team. With offices across Europe, North America and Asia, we are well placed to offer you local experitise at a competitive price.

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Step into the realm of container shipping with P4D, where expertise meets global connectivity. As sea freight specialists, we navigate the intricate waters of international trade to provide unparalleled solutions for businesses worldwide. Container shipping is not merely a means of transport; it's the backbone of our commitment to seamless logistics.

With an extensive network of routes and a comprehensive understanding of the nuances of sea freight, P4D ensures that your cargo reaches its destination efficiently and reliably. Explore the boundless opportunities that container shipping affords, facilitated by the robust and secure steel containers that define our commitment to excellence. Join us in unlocking the true potential of international trade - welcome to P4D, where container shipping expertise sets sail.

Container Shipping Solutions: Seamless Freight Transportation for Your Cargo Needs

Container Shipping: The rise of container shipping reshaped global logistics, beginning in the mid-20th century with the standardization of container sizes. Key lanes, such as those connecting China, India, and the USA, emerged as pivotal routes in international trade. Ports like Shanghai, Mumbai, and Los Angeles serve as crucial hubs, facilitating the movement of goods across continents.

Navigating Strategic Shipping Lanes: Container ships ply major shipping lanes connecting key regions. The Pacific route, linking Asia and North America, and the Suez Canal, connecting Europe and Asia, play vital roles. These maritime arteries ensure efficient and timely cargo transport, contributing to the prominence of container shipping.

Vessel Dynamics: Container vessels, ranging from Panamax to Ultra Large Container Vessels (ULCVs), are engineered for optimal efficiency. Equipped with advanced technology, these ships navigate the seas, fostering reliable and secure transportation of containers.

Time and Cost Efficiency: Containerization's impact extends beyond logistics, significantly reducing loading and unloading times at major ports. This streamlined process translates to cost savings for businesses, making container shipping a cost-effective and timely choice for global supply chains.

Freight Insurance: At P4D, we prioritize the security of your cargo. Our insurance solutions offer tailored coverage, ensuring protection against unforeseen events during transit. With a focus on key shipping lanes and strategic ports, P4D provides not only expertise but also customized insurance options for a comprehensive and secure container shipping experience.

Choose P4D for a pragmatic approach to container shipping, where efficiency, reliability, and protection converge seamlessly.

Experience the pinnacle of efficiency in container shipping with P4D, your global logistics ally. Our adept team strategically operates from hubs in Europe, North America, and Asia, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of international trade dynamics. As we navigate through major shipping lanes, with a specific focus on prominent ports in China, India, and the USA, P4D delivers a reliable and seamless container shipping solution.

Unlock the power of instant quotes with P4D, providing clear and competitive pricing for your shipping requirements. Our global network guarantees the swift and secure transportation of your cargo, leveraging container vessels optimized for precision and speed. P4D goes beyond by offering tailor-made insurance solutions, reinforcing our commitment to the safety of your shipments.

How big is a shipping  container?

Shipping containers  typically come in two standard sizes: 20 feet (TEU) and 40 feet (FEU). These  standardized dimensions, 20 feet long by 8 feet wide, or 40 feet by 8 feet,  facilitate efficient loading, unloading, and transportation across various  modes.

How much do shipping  containers cost?

Shipping container costs vary based on factors like size, condition, and market demand. New containers can range from $2,000 to $5,000, while used ones may be more  budget-friendly, starting from around £800. Prices can fluctuate based on  regional availability and global trade dynamics.

How wide is a shipping container?

Standard shipping containers have a width of 8 feet (2.44 meters). This uniform width allows  for seamless integration into different transportation modes, ensuring smooth transfers between ships, trucks, and trains.

How many containers can a ship carry?

The capacity of a  ship depends on its size and design. Large container ships, such as  Post-Panamax vessels, can carry thousands of TEUs, playing a pivotal role in the efficiency of global trade by transporting diverse goods across oceans.

How are shipping container sizes determined?

Container sizes are  standardized globally to streamline logistics. The International Organization  for Standardization (ISO) established these sizes, with 20-foot and 40-foot containers being the most prevalent, accommodating various cargo types.

How are shipping containers loaded onto ships?

Container loading  onto ships involves cranes lifting containers from the dock and carefully  placing them into designated slots on the ship. This process is meticulously organized, optimizing space and ensuring even weight distribution for safe  maritime transportation.

What factors  influence shipping container prices?

Several factors  impact shipping container prices, including size, condition (new or used),  location, and market demand. Additionally, fluctuations in steel prices, as containers are primarily made of steel, can also influence their cost.

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