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As your digital freight forwarder, P4D gives access to thousands of efficient and reliable sea freight services via our fast quoting digital freight platform. With access to offices across Europe, Asia and North America, we can offer local knowledge and expertise for any sea freight shipment.

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Welcome to P4D, your trusted partner for comprehensive sea freight solutions, connecting businesses globally with a strategic focus on key routes such as Sea Freight from China and USA.

At P4D, we recognise the vital role that sea freight plays in international trade, and our tailored services are designed to ensure reliable, cost-effective, and efficient transportation for your cargo.

Sea Freight Services: P4D specialises in sea freight services, offering businesses a seamless connection to major ports around the world. Whether you're importing goods from China, exporting products to the USA, or requiring container shipping services, our dedicated team is well-equipped to handle your unique shipping requirements.

Key Routes: Our sea freight services include crucial routes such as Sea Freight China and Sea Freight USA, providing businesses with optimised and direct connections to these major trading partners. P4D facilitates container shipping with precision, ensuring that your cargo reaches its destination securely and within specified timeframes.

Container Shipping Expertise: Container shipping is a cornerstone of our sea freight services. P4D's expertise in container logistics allows us to efficiently manage the complexities of transporting goods in standardised containers. This ensures not only the safety of your cargo but also streamlines the shipping process, making it a cost-effective choice for businesses seeking reliable and scalable shipping solutions.

Customised Solutions: At P4D, we understand that each business has unique shipping needs. Our sea freight solutions are customisable to accommodate specific requirements, whether you're shipping large volumes or high-value, sensitive cargo. We work closely with our clients to tailor solutions that align seamlessly with their supply chain strategies.

Global Connectivity: P4D's sea freight services extend globally, connecting businesses to key ports in China, the USA, and beyond. With our commitment to cost-effectiveness and reliability, we empower businesses to explore new markets and expand their global footprint through efficient sea freight solutions.

Experience the P4D advantage in sea freight services, including expert handling of Sea Freight from China, Container Shipping, and services to and from USA. Contact our dedicated team today to discuss how we can customise a logistics solution that precisely meets your unique sea freight requirements, ensuring your cargo travels the seas securely and on schedule.

Introduction to Sea Freight:

Sea freight delivery, also known as ocean freight, is the transfer of goods by water.

This mode of transport remains one of the oldest but most popular means of transporting goods. This is mainly because it is by far the most economical. While air freight delivery is faster and therefore sometimes more convenient, sea freight is far cheaper and far more environmentally friendly.

Statistics show that CO2 emissions are reduced by 15g for every kilometre a ship sails compared to air freight. There are also fewer restrictions in terms of size, weight and bulk due to the larger nature of freight ships compared to air craft. The long history of global shipping networks means that sea freight delivery enables goods to be easily transported anywhere over the world.

P4D can offer great value and discount when it comes to the services available to you when shipping freight. Our sea freight services are calculated taking into account the following:

- Weight and size of your delivery
- Destination country and airport
- Airline charges
- Any additional surcharges

As sea freight takes longer to ship and process, it is important to plan well in advance of when you need to deliver your goods. There may be international laws that regulate the type of goods you are transporting. Every country has different rules as well as local handling and customs regulations.

P4D can offer sea freight delivery from Asia, North America, Australia and beyond. From pallet delivery services, to full container shipping. We ensure that our customers are made aware of every step of the process, and all the correct forms and documents are viewed and signed, making the procedure as simple and efficient as possible.

How to book a sea freight shipment online:

Get an instant sea freight quote online with P4D:

The first thing we need to do is start with a quote request. You'll need to provide details about your shipment using our simple quoting tool above. You will need the following information to proceed:

- Origin and Destination: Specify the collection address (or origin port) where your goods are collected as well as the desired delivery destination.

- Cargo details: Indicate whether you have a Full Container Load (FCL), Less Than Container Load (LCL) or palletized cargo. Specify the dimensions and weight of your shipment.

Review the different services and make your choice!

Based on your details, P4D's intelligent algorithm will provide a relevant quote based on your requirements. This cost will include:

- Ocean Freight: The cost of transporting your container by sea.

- Terminal Handling Charges: Fees associated with loading and unloading containers at ports.

- Customs Clearance: Charges for handling customs paperwork.

- Fuel Surcharges: Additional fees based on current fuel prices (if applicable).

- Optional Insurance: You can choose to add cargo insurance for your shipment separately.

How do I pay for sea freight services online:

Once you've made your choice about which sea freight service you would like to book, you will need to pay for your shipment. P4D offers a variety of different payment options, from up front payment online, to flexible payment solutions for business customers. If you do not have this option available and would like to discuss this with a us, please contact our sales team or your account manager.

What documentation do I need for a sea freight shipment?

Once you book, we will then ask you to provide the necessary documents, including:

Commercial Invoice: A detailed document outlining the goods being shipped, their value, and HS code (harmonized system code for classifying goods).

Packing List: This details the contents of your shipment, including item descriptions, quantities, and weights.

Other documents: Depending on the shipment and destination, you may need additional documents like certificates of origin or export licenses.
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