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As your digital freight forwarder, P4D gives you instant access to thousands of efficient pallet delivery services. We offer reliable road, sea and air freight services via our fast quoting digital freight platform, backed up by an experienced customer centric team.

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At P4D, we are the experts in pallet delivery services – offering the tools you need to get quick, accurate quotes for your requirements. With our quote comparison engine, you can get an instant quote from the world’s top pallet couriers, with specific breakdowns for price and speed.  

We work with the world’s premium couriers to bring you fast and reliable Freight Forwarding services, to ensure you the receive the best service. So, no matter if you’re looking for domestic shipping rates, or an experienced international freight forwarder, we can offer quick and easy online booking – ensuring you get goods where they need to be.

We also provide state-of-the-art tracking on all orders when you book shipment through P4D, giving you more transparency and greater peace of mind than any other pallet courier.

Booking a smooth pallet delivery. A Step-by-Step Guide:

Booking a pallet delivery online

Pallet size and weight: Choose from one of our pre defined pallet sizes that fits the dimensions and weight of your goods.

Accurate address details: Ensure you have the complete addresses, including postcodes for both pickup and drop-off locations.

Pallet contents and description: Briefly list of items being shipped on your pallet. Knowing the contents helps us determine appropriate handling and potential restrictions.

Compare rates: P4D researches all pallet delivery companies and provides the most relevant results based on the details provided. We consider factors like lead time, insurance options and tail lift availability.

Booking and payment: Once you've chosen from one of our pallet couriers you can book your shipment online. Simply confirm the details above and make secure payment. Some businesses will be entitled to flexible payment terms.

Preparing for pallet collection: Ensure your pallet is in good condition, free from damage or warping, and can support the weight of your goods. Use adequate strapping and shrink wrap, to prevent shifting or damage during transit and clearly label your pallet with the delivery address, contact information, and any special handling instructions.

Access and Availability: Ensure the pickup location is easily accessible for our pallet courier's truck on the scheduled date. Any issues please contact us ahead of time so that we can react accordingly.

What different pallet sizes are available?

Full Pallets

Full Pallet Size

The following three restrictions all apply for size, weight and height:

1. Goods must not be bigger than the 1.2m x 1m base

2. Goods must not weigh more than 1000kg

3. Goods must not sit higher than 2.2m including the pallet base

NOTE: Assisted loading is not available for goods in excess of 750kg.

Light Pallets

Light Pallet size

The following three restrictions all apply for size, weight and height:

1. Goods must not be bigger than the 1.2m x 1m base

2. Goods must not weigh more than 750kg

3. Goods must not sit higher than 2.2m including the pallet base

Half Pallets

Half Pallet size

The following three restrictions all apply for size, weight and height:

1. Goods must not be bigger than the 1.2m x 1m base

2. Goods must not weigh more than 500kg

3. Goods must not sit higher than 1.1m including the pallet base

Quarter Pallets

Quarter Pallet size

The following three restrictions all apply for size, weight and height:

1. Goods must not be bigger than the 1.2m x 1m base

2. Goods must not weigh more than 250kg

3. Goods must not sit higher than 0.8m including the pallet base

Mini Pallets

Mini Pallet size

The following three restrictions all apply for size, weight and height:

1. Goods must not be bigger than the 1.2m x 1m base

2. Goods must not weigh more than 150kg

3. Goods must not sit higher than 0.6m including the pallet base

Oversized Pallets

Oversized Pallet size

We also specialise in oversized pallets - where your goods are too big for your pallet base.

1 . Goods can be up to 2.4m in length.

2. Goods can weight up to 1000kg.

3. Goods can be up to 2.2m in height.

Get a bespoke quote:

What is the best pallet courier in the UK?

P4D has been offering UK pallet collection since 2007. During that time, we have become instrumental in meeting the transportation needs of thousands businesses and individuals alike. As businesses across the nation strive to optimise their supply chains, the role of pallet delivery is critical in ensuring businesses can rely on a timely and secure transportation solution.

P4D partners with the best pallet couriers in the UK, ensuring a robust network, advanced tracking systems, and a commitment to sustainability. We're consistently evaluating our offering, analysing the key UK pallet networks, and offering you the most reliable pallet services available online.

With partner offices across the UK and Ireland (as well as further afield), P4D is well placed to support your domestic shipping needs; whatever the volume, whatever the shipment. 

Palletised freight services in the UK

P4D has dedicated partners across England, Scotland, Wales an Northern Ireland. With pallet rates from hundreds of local and national hauliers alike, we can ensure that we can offer competitive rates with guaranteed availability - ensuring you go the domestic pallet service you need, at a price that suits your business.

If you're a UK business looking for regular collections or a returns solution, we can offer a bespoke price depending on your requirements. If this is something that you would like to discuss with us, please contact a member of our sales team for further details about your business.

Whether you require single pallet movements, oversized of irregular freight quotes, or multiple dedicated FTL services, P4D have a wide range of services to support your business.

Key UK pallet centres:

Sustainable Pallet Services

One question that is being raised more than ever is how are P4D ensuring that it’s delivery partners are ensuring their practices are environmentally and socially responsible.

P4D is pleased to say that one of it’s key partners for both domestic and international freight solutions, Woodland Group, is leading the way when it comes to Sustainable Logistics. Having recently received a gold EcoVadis sustainability rating, placing them in the top 5% of companies assessed, Woodland are leading the way when it comes to environmental, ethical and sustainable procurement as well as satisfying all aspects of labour and human rights.

If you’re interested in discussing this in more detail, how you can reduce the environmental impact or your supply chain, or would like to monitor your carbon footprint, please do get in touch.

From single pallets to dedicated full trucks

In the dynamic world of logistics, road freight services play a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth and efficient transportation of goods. To help you understand a little more, these are the three main types:

Pallet Courier: The cornerstone of road freight services, offering a standardised and efficient way to transport goods. Pallets provide a secure and organised method for shipping various products, and their standardised sizes streamline loading and unloading processes.

Less Than Truckload (LTL): LTL services are tailored for businesses with smaller shipments that do not require the use of an entire truck. This cost-effective option allows multiple shippers to share space in a truck, reducing overall transportation expenses. LTL services are particularly beneficial for businesses with smaller quantities of goods to transport, offering a practical solution for cost-conscious logistics management.

Full Truck Services (FTL): For those with larger shipments or time-sensitive deliveries, dedicated full truck (FTL) services offer an exclusive and direct solution. Unlike shared truck services, FTL ensures that the entire truck is reserved for a single shipment. This guarantees faster transit times, reduced handling, and lower risk of damage, making it an ideal choice for businesses with substantial shipping volumes or high-value goods.

Where can I book International pallet delivery?

P4D's International pallet delivery services enable the transportation of goods across borders, offering a practical solution for businesses engaged in global trade.

Leveraging established networks and strategic partnerships, these services ensure efficient and secure shipping from origin to destination. P4D's international pallet delivery services provide a standard, organised method for handling diverse products, while our international logistics experts will help you negotiate complex customs procedures and regulations.

From the UK, international air freight and sea freight services connect businesses to key global trade lanes, streamlining the process and ensuring reliable delivery to destinations worldwide, including:

Customs clearance for International Pallet Delivery

Specialising in seamless international freight solutions, P4D stands out for its commitment to providing expert customs clearance advice and support, making the import and export process smoother and more efficient for businesses. It can be very difficult when looking for Customs Clearance Agents.

Now more than ever it forms a critical aspect of international trade. The submission of necessary documentation and adherence to complex regulations when shipping goods across borders. P4D's experienced team understands the intricacies of customs procedures both in Europe and beyond.

By leveraging our expertise, we can assist you in preparing and submitting the required documentation, calculating applicable duties and taxes, and navigating the ever-changing landscape of regulations. This not only helps in avoiding potential delays and penalties but also ensures compliance with international laws.

P4D's global network enables us to provide on-the-ground support in key locations, facilitating smoother communication with local customs authorities. Whether you are exporting or importing goods, P4D's UK customs clearance services play a pivotal role in streamlining the entire supply chain.

In a world where efficient cross-border logistics is crucial for business success, P4D stands as a reliable partner, offering the necessary guidance and support to make international trade more accessible and hassle-free. If you’re searching for a customs clearance agent UK, we’re here to help.

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