Full Truck Load Services

Full Truck Load Services

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As a digital freight forwarder, P4D gives access to thousands of efficient pallet delivery and reliable road freight services via our fast quoting digital freight platform, backed up by an experienced customer centric team.

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Based in the UK, P4D proudly works with an extensive network of trusted international couriers and freight forwarding services, offering flexible and efficient worldwide freight delivery for everyone. 

We pride ourselves in delivering full truck load shipping for a complete range of consignments across all different industries. Shipping your large items with P4D couldn’t be more simple with our express full truck load services. All of our FTL service options are completely tailored to your needs and properly managed by our world-class hauliers.

Freight Size Guide


Less Than a Truckload

For the shipments that don't require the whole space of a truck


Full Truckload

For shipments that take up an entire truck's weight or space capacity


Less Than a Container Load

For shipments that don't require the whole space of a container


Full Container Load

For shipments that take up the entire space of a container

Full Truck Load (FTL) Services

What is a Full Truck Load or FTL service?

Full Truckload (FTL) shipping is a logistics method where a single customer utilises the entire capacity of a truck to transport their cargo. Unlike Less Than Truckload (LTL) shipping, where multiple shipments from different customers share a single truck, FTL allows a shipper to have exclusive use of the entire truck. This method is particularly suitable for businesses with large quantities of goods to transport, providing dedicated space for their shipments. The process involves the shipper loading their goods onto the truck, which then travels directly to the destination without intermediate stops for other shipments.

When does Full Truckload (FTL) shipping become price competitive for businesses?

FTL becomes price competitive for businesses when they have a sufficiently large volume of goods to fill the entire truck. Generally, FTL is more cost-effective for shipments that exceed more than 7 or 8 full pallet loads. As the shipment size approaches or exceeds the full capacity, the cost per unit of freight decreases, making FTL a favourable option in terms of cost efficiency. Additionally, FTL offers advantages in terms of speed, reduced handling, and increased security, contributing to its competitiveness for businesses with sizeable shipping needs.

How does Full Truckload (FTL) contribute to transportation efficiency?

FTL contributes to transportation efficiency by streamlining the shipping process. With dedicated use of the entire truck, FTL eliminates the need for multiple stops to pick up or drop off other shipments, resulting in faster transit times. This efficiency is particularly beneficial for time-sensitive shipments or industries requiring a reliable and rapid transportation solution. Furthermore, FTL reduces the risk of damage associated with frequent loading and unloading, enhancing the overall efficiency and reliability of the transportation process.

How can I track my FTL shipment?

At P4D we’re dedicated to delivering our customers excellent visibility throughout their entire full truck load service. Our on demand tracking software allows you to see the complete picture of your shipment right from starting point to its destination, giving you maximised transparency. Tracking your order couldn’t be easier with our online portal.

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P4D can cater for a wide range of freight delivery services. If you need further help with your booking, or feel like your needs are unique, please contact our sales team.
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