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If you're in need of a reliable, affordable and efficient Less Than Truckload freight delivery service then you’ve come to the right place. Here at P4D we are freight specialists and have years of experience in providing our customers with fast and secure Less Than Truckload freight solutions at exclusive rates. Although we are based in Essex in the UK, our reach is not limited, we have access to an extensive network of trusted international freight forwarders and couriers. This means we’re capable of offering flexible and streamlined freight delivery to our customers wherever they live in the world. 

P4D will be ready to help deliver your less than truckload consignment no matter what industry you operate within. We’ll listen to your requirements and work tirelessly with our partners to assure that your delivery arrives safely when it is needed. Receive your free Less Than Truckload quote today and make substantial savings on freight delivery.

Freight Size Guide


Less Than a Truckload

For the shipments that don't require the whole space of a truck


Full Truckload

For shipments that take up an entire truck's weight or space capacity


Less Than a Container Load

For shipments that don't require the whole space of a container


Full Container Load

For shipments that take up the entire space of a container

Less Than Truckload (LTL) Services from P4D

Less than truckload is a term that refers to a road freight service whereby packages from multiple senders are transported together in a single truck. It’s designed for people who would not be able to fill or afford a full truckload on their own. 

As you can imagine the pricing structure for less than truckload consignments is far more lenient and affordable than that of full truckload deliveries.  You only pay for the space that your packages take up and therefore split the cost with other customers who are also transporting their goods.  

At P4D a full truckload constitutes as the space taken up by 26 pallets, however, the number of pallets may change depending on the overall weight and size of your freight delivery.  In the UK and Europe, over half of the total pallet load of a freight delivery truck is considered a full truckload (FTL). Therefore any amount of crates, pallets, boxes or small parcels that take up less space than half of the total pallet load can fill part of a less than truckload shipment used by other senders. 

Our knowledgeable and experienced team members will be on hand to advise you on how you can best use a less than truckload delivery service. They’ll work in tandem with your requirements to find the most affordable rates, organise the logistics of transporting your goods and provide you with a unique tracking reference you can use to receive up to date information from the courier.

Why Choose P4D?

P4D offers the world’s foremost less than truckload delivery service. If you choose to work with us you’ll have unlimited access to our state-of-the-art quote generator which collates and compares the prices of hundreds of freight forwarders and couriers to provide you with a breadth of options for the delivery of your packages. Within seconds of using our advanced tool, you’ll be able to see the most frugal prices available on the market and pick a courier that suits your needs best. 

Our trusted courier partners are the best in the freight business, their vast fleets offer both next-day and same-day worldwide shipping options. Each of our courier partners has decades of experience in transporting goods across cities, countries and national borders. This is why we can assure our customers that their packages will be dealt with the utmost care and attention that they deserve. 

We’re dedicated to eliminating all the hassle and effort often required when shipping less than truckload deliveries. We’ll handle dealing with the carriers, customs and paperwork that are needed to ensure a seamless journey for your goods. What’s more, if your delivery has unique requirements, our dedicated team will be more than equipped to help.

Track your LTL Every Step of the Way 

Each and every single P4D customer has the ability to track their less than truckload delivery using our sophisticated tracking software. Upon receiving confirmation of your delivery order we’ll send you a unique tracking reference, which you can then enter into our website and receive the latest information from your chosen courier on your consignment’s status. So you’ll know exactly where your goods are every step of the way.

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