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We raised £1,531.50

£680.00 came from the P4D fun run

On Sunday 8 September P4D's Sophie and Jonathan ran a half-marathon for Depaul UK to raise even more funds for this exceptional cause. Our customers have been raising thousands of pounds for charity, so we thought it was about time we did our bit too! Our courier partners, friends, family, and colleagues helped raised an extra £680.00 - thank you, all, for your generosity - we've smashed our fundraising record to date for Round Up Your Pound. View the fundraising page and donations.

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Depaul UK is part of Depaul International, a group of charities working to support homeless and marginalised people around the world. They work with the most disadvantaged young people in the UK and specialise in working in communities where poverty and long-term unemployment have resulted in generations of social exclusion and high rates of homelessness.

Depaul UK believes that no young person should have to sleep rough and whilst they work to provide the accommodation that offers an immediate solution to homelessness, it is also a vital part of their work to prevent young people becoming homeless in the first place.

Project work

Depaul UK has thirty eight varied and complimentary projects based around the UK that work with young people to tackle homelessness at every level.

  • They protect young people by finding them a place to call home
  • They prevent young people becoming homeless by rebuilding family relationships
  • They provide opportunities to progress beyond homelessness and fulfil potential
  • They also run Depaul Nightstop UK, the affiliated body for over forty Nightstop schemes across the UK offering emergency short term accommodation in the homes of local volunteers

Sarah Cox's BBC Lifeline Appeal

The Depaul Box Company

Moving house? Help move a young person off the streets.

Depaul Boxes

An ingenious idea to raise funds for the youth homelessness charity, The Depaul Box Company sells moving boxes, but the difference is - these boxes save lives. There are three sets of boxes: Little Movers, the Middle Pack, and Big Haulers and all of the profits go to Depaul UK. Each set comes with a variety of box sizes, packing tape, a marker pen, and a "warm fuzzy feeling inside" - delivery is also free!

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