Parcel Delivery To Moldova

If you want to compare prices to send parcels to Moldova you can do this by filling out the size and weight of your parcel below, then book online for collection by a major courier. We'll take care of all Customer Service matters.

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Your goods must be on a pallet, wrapped and stable for lift (?)

Choose your pallet size

Quarter pallets
Up to 250kg
Up to 0.8m high

Half pallets
Up to 500kg
Up to 1.1m high

Full pallets
Up to 1000kg
Up to 2.0m high

    Same Day Service

    Same Day Delivery

    If you have a parcel, pallet or document you need to ship in a hurry within the UK, get an instant quote right here for a Same Day collection and delivery.

    This is a documents service for papers only. Your documents must weigh 1.5kg or less when packaged and be 40cm x 30cm x 5cm or smaller in size.

    Package your documents in a cardboard envelope, not paper, so they can withstand transportation within a large courier network (?). Measure the dimensions for your envelope in the same way as you would measure a parcel, using 1cm for anything less than 1cm in size.

    Send parcels in UK

    We offer services from international courier companies, but all offer UK services too. Using postcodes in the UK parcel delivery quote tool will give you the most accurate quote for economy or premium services; for an all day collection and delivery, or a timed delivery if you have a deadline for arrival.

    Bulky parcel delivery

    The size restrictions on parcel delivery services are very generous, but you might have something bulky or very heavy to send. For this, we offer pallet shipping services or, for businesses who regularly ship bulky goods, a two-man delivery service.