What happens to your parcel when it snows?

When the rest of the country is out throwing snowballs and sledging down the largest hill they can find, what happens to your parcel that was due for collection or delivery? We’ll tell you…

Knock on effect

Your parcel does not go from A to B in a straight line. It can pass through a number of sorting hubs and parcel depots up and down the country before it reaches its final destination. If your parcel is due for collection and there is no snow where you are, this doesn't mean that you are unaffected. If the nearest depot is underneath a blanket of snow it cannot receive your parcel, even if it could reach you to collect it. Likewise, if your parcel is out for delivery but it cannot be transported out of a depot or delivered to one, it will remain where it is. When a national courier network stands still in this way, it leads to a backlog.

Clearance after the event

Once the snow has gone you will start to see lorries out on the roads again. The first batch of vehicles will be focused on delivery of parcels, not collection. Until the parcels already backed up in the network have been successfully delivered there is no room in the chain to bring in further collections of parcels. Even if your parcel was collected, it would be stationary at the depot, so it is far more sensible to clear the backlog before adding to a pile of parcels.

Extra support

Every day of the year thousands upon thousands of parcels pass through busy courier networks. You can only begin to imagine the disruption a day or two of snow can cause. Courier networks employ extra staff, use extra vehicles, and work extra hours to get through busy periods and to clear a build up of parcels. We ask you to please be patient if you have a parcel awaiting collection or delivery following heavy snowfall.

What we at P4D can do


If you have a parcel booked in for collection and would prefer to cancel the collection rather than sit through any delays, contact us via www.p4d.co.uk/support and we'll refund payment on bookings that can be stopped.


If your parcel is already in the network and suffers a delay in delivery, we will not be able to update you until the snow has cleared. When the network is back up and running in some form of normal capacity we will chase delivery on orders that have suffered severe delays.

Contacting us

You must contact Customer Service directly with any order enquiries. We will not be able to assist you via Facebook, Twitter or any other social media in line with our social media policy.