Meet the parcel delivery geeks

The Entrepreneur

P4D Steve


Chief Geek

P4D Chris


The Major

P4D Colin

Steve is the founder of P4D and CEO. He started the company in 2005 with a passion for motorbikes, shipping parts to enthusiasts. He’s been in business since he was sixteen years old and has been recognised with a Young Guns 2008 award for entrepreneurial flair. After making a success of his own business he worked as a motivational speaker for others wanting to set up on their own and published a book about his story. He also continues to bring new ideas to market, designing niche accessories for specialist motorbikes.   Chris is our Managing Director and Technical Guru. He's been involved in web development since the early days of dial-up modems and, over the years, has worked on thousands of websites for every conceivable type of business. Chris joined P4D in 2008 and transformed the booking system in to an automated, streamlined operation, winning us an award for innovation. With a modest geek chic, he consistently builds on and improves our unique software systems, continuing to be a pioneer of Internet-based technology.   Colin keeps the troops in order. He’s responsible for staff management, finance, and day-to-day operations at P4D Headquarters. Before his involvement with software he served for twenty-three years in the Army, so he knows how to keep us all in line. He’s also been a Registered General Nurse and manager of an Orthopaedic Ward before working as a Clinical Manager. This makes Colin our resident medic too and because he is such an integral part of P4D, we all nominated him for an Employee Of the Year Award in 2012.

The Office Hero

P4D Kerrie


The Chatterbox

P4D Julie


The Competitive One

P4D Jonathan

Kerrie was P4D’s first ever employee and knows the business inside out and backwards. She joined Steve in November 2005 as a data entry clerk and worked her way up to Customer Services Manager. Kerrie has since moved away from a team leader role, now responsible for checking in with new and established customers as Senior Account Manager. She was voted a top five Office Hero in recognition of all she has done for P4D over the years.   A diligent and caring Claims Manager, Julie builds up a great rapport with customers who find themselves in an unhappy situation and regularly receives praise in return. Supporting customers to make sure they are represented fairly, she pursues a claim on their behalf to make the process as stress free as possible, which is a job that Julie turns in to a talent. Julie continues uses feedback from customers to improve the efficiency of our processes.    Jonathan is our Financial Director, so he's responsible for the complex mathematical workings out that give the rest of us a headache. Ambitious on and off the pitch, Jonathan keeps our prices competitive in the office, but out of hours he scores goals on the football field and smashes his personal best on the running track. He's always the first one to the P4D ping pong table and works out a strategy to be a winner, both at work and at play.  

The Creative

P4D Nat


The Donkey Whisperer

P4D Amanda


The Globe Trotter

P4D Trevor

Natalie is the creative one on our team, working closely with the directors to help bring ideas to life. With a varied background in editorial and digital marketing across many industries, she works with us two days a week writing content and updating the website. Natalie has a postgrad in the unpronounceable field of anthrozoology (human-animal studies) and uses this knowledge to tame children when she's at home.   As one of the longest-serving members of P4D, many of you will be familiar with Amanda's lyrical tones down the phone line and her devilish sense of humour. She's been working in customer service for many years and can handle any situation you throw her way. As birthday gifts, we adopted a donkey and pony for Amanda and she takes great pleasure in visits to see them. In fact, most weekends you'll find her somewhere leafy and green.   Trevor's a great person to have working for an international delivery agent like P4D, since he's travelled most of the world and knows the exact location of most destinations. He's planned events all around the globe, so knows exactly where to avoid and what not to miss when any of the team is planning a break away. Day to day he manages bookings and accounts for pallet delivery as an expert in this field, offering advice and finding solutions.    

The Voice

P4D Sophie


The Cake Maker

P4D Tracey


The Yummy Mummy

P4D Lisa

Sophie is our Secret Agent, working behind the scenes to track live orders and dissolve potential problems before anybody is even aware of them. She actively manages our Customer Service team to make improvements to the way we operate as a service provider - having previously worked for private investigators, Sophie always has every angle covered. She is also a painter and book lover, and has 'The Voice' that sounds like caramel.   There's always a treat in the office with Tracey on the team. She’s a real whizz in the kitchen and her birthday cakes are legendary. Tracey has an eclectic mix of strings to her bow - she has ten years' Customer Service experience to her name, but she's also a hair stylist and has seen much of the world working on cruise ships. She's seen 99% of the Caribbean, but now she's a Mum she's not tempted to visit the missing 1%, happiest just where she is.   As the Mum of three beautiful girls, Lisa comes to work for a rest. She has previously worked in quality management, so knows what customers look for in a good service and delivers every time as part of our Customer Support team, answering your emails and phone calls. Lisa is a great ambassador for our passion and commitment to getting things right. She has a great calming influence with a professional and positive attitude.  

The Award Winner

P4D Michelle


Patrick Stewart

P4D Terry


The Mover & Shaker

P4D Sid

We're lucky to have Michelle on our customer support team. In her previous role she was Representative of the Year three times in a row. Backed by a degree in Business Administration and her impressive track record, Michelle now investigates live orders to provide additional tracking information. A mother to twins, she knows how to juggle and multi-task, but most of her belongings are only one shade: purple, her favourite colour.   OK, so Patrick Stewart doesn't actually work at P4D, but Terry looks very much like him! When he's not moonlighting as a lookalike, Terry works for P4D taking care of our local customers. He’s a great sports fan with a penchant for dodgems (we couldn't get him off them at the P4D Christmas bash). A great asset to our team, Terry wears his P4D kit with pride and wins every match against the opposition.   Not many people know that Sid is a trained dispensing optician; he shifted lanes to keep his eye on logistics and built a new career. Sid is deeply knowledgeable about the courier industry, which is why he heads up Commercial Development at P4D, working with key business partners to explore new ventures. He loves to be out on the road and finds it impossible to sit still unless he's deep in a good history book.  

The Glamorous Granny

P4D Sandra


The Equestrian

P4D Sophie


The Entertainer

P4D Alan

We're very lucky to have Sandra on board as there's not a thing she doesn't know about sending parcels. She started off in the courier industry as a driver before moving into Operations where she worked her way up to Branch and Depot Manager. She rightly claimed the title: Ma'am. Focus now is on her grandchildren who entertain and delight her on a daily basis. With a softly spoken manner, golden locks, and a chic sense of style, Sandra's earned her Glam Granny status in spades. We salute you!   Relocated from the Midlands to the Oxfordshire countryside our Banbury Brummy, Sophie, is an asset to our Customer Service team showing great resolve. Her free time is taken up with two horses. One is notoriously accident-prone and breaks the bank with every injury, yet she rides every day, whatever the weather. Unfazed by freezing conditions, Sophie won't bolt from the impact this can have on a delivery, so when ice or snow hits we'll pass her the reins.   Alan's our resident Cockney who'll chat easily to anyone, which is why our local customers love him. Never short of a story, there's always a belly laugh to follow when Alan's out and about. His real passion is on the pitch; a QPR fan and season ticket holder he's also a football ref for the Milton Keynes Youth League. When he's not dishing out yellow cards he can be found at home admiring his collection of more than three hundred DVDs, but it's a red card for Comedy Romance and chick flicks.

The Golfer

P4D James


The Cool Cat

P4D Mary


The Young One

P4D Sam

As Operations Manager, James is Wing Man to Colin. He takes care of the P4D distribution centre, driver schedules, and general logistics; you might occassionally spot him out in the van, too. Unfortunately for James his road trips to the airport don't involve going on holiday unless he's booked the time off, but he enjoys plenty of family time on days out with his two sons. He's also a regular on the golf course and plays off a handicap of one.   Mary has a diverse background in data and marketing. She has strong IT skills, enabling her to use our custom-built admin system to its fullest potential to deliver proactive customer service support. Mary kick starts the day with a Dark Mocha Frappuccino (that's coffee, to you and I), before winding down with a Green Tea Cream to detox. Her fridge is empty of condiments (a pet hate), but the outside is covered in an ever-growing collection of magnets.   A conscientious worker, Sam works full time in the P4D distribution centre, accurately weighing, measuring and dispatching goods at high speed. The youngest person on our team, he takes driving lessons, plays the Xbox, goes to the cinema, and hangs out with his mates when he's not at work. He's a no nonsense kind of guy, working independently to keep things moving at the P4D hub. Sam is reliable and approachable, but never without a grin on his face.

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