Alloy Wheel Courier

We offer services with major couriers designed to pick up your alloy wheels and ship them to their destination at very cheap rates. We understand the value and fragile nature of car parts therefore we only use the most trusted couriers for your alloy wheel delivery to ensure they arrive in the same condition they were collected. Just complete the instant quote tool below for all sending options.

Send alloy wheels by courier

Save a fortune and get an instant quote on our site. All we need is the weight and dimensions of the alloy wheel.

Next day delivery is available.

What are the weights and dimensions of your alloy wheel?

kg cm x cm x cm

Alloy Wheel Packaging

If your wheels are not boxed, we recommend that you imagine they are inside a box to get the correct overall measurement of height, depth and width. Alloy wheels are measured in inches but our system works in centimetres so you will need to convert the measurement working to the formula that 1 inch is equivalent to 2.5cm.  We provide full advice on packaging and labelling to assist. 

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