How do I send a pallet?

Pallets are used for large, heavy items or a collection of goods that are being shipped together. They support the weight of the item(s) you are sending and are easy to slot into an appropriate shipping vehicle, getting your goods to their destination securely. A forklift is used to lift the pallets onto the transport vehicle 

In order to book a pallet delivery, you must supply your own pallet and wrapping, and make sure the pallet is stable for transportation as the whole pallet will tilt when lifted. We ask that you familiarise yourself with the pallet shipping requirements we document in the pallet shipping FAQs, so that you can be informed of our Terms and Conditions before confirming your booking.

From only £25, you can use our instant quoting tool, to get a quote for UK, European and international pallet deliveries and book straight away. Some international destinations, bulk orders, and business rates will need to be quoted by our sales team, who will use our extensive reach to get you the best price: Get a pallet delivery quote.

Sending Multiple Items

If you're sending a pallet of goods, it's important not to think of them as one item because they’re all on one pallet. Think of them as many items and give each of them the same attention you would if you were sending them separately. You must make sure all the goods on your pallet are individually well protected in line with our packaging requirements to ensure maximum protection during transit.

It’s also important that, when sending a pallet, you ensure no items are hanging over the edge of the pallet or stacked precariously on top of one another. This could cause significant harm to your goods and even result in the courier refusing to accept your pallet delivery if it doesn’t meet necessary packing standards.

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