What is pallet wrapping?

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Your item must be on a pallet and wrapped before the driver arrives. Pallet wrapping (like cling film) secures your goods to the pallet ready for transportation. Please note that wrapping provides little to no protection for your goods, and they must already be well packaged before they go on the pallet. Wrapping simply ensures everything stays together and is contained securely.

What wrap should be used on a pallet?

Wrap for pallet deliveries is often called a range of different things, however, there is a difference between pallet wrap and the other wrapping films that are available on the market. Proper pallet wrap will stretch and pull back in, ensuring all goods are tightly secured for transportation, whereas other wraps will not have this.

When it comes to choosing the right wrap for the job, you want the tightest possible result to make sure nothing shifts in transit. If you’re purchasing wrap specifically for a pallet delivery, it’s always a good idea to choose a high-end supplier with a range of wraps, so you can find the best wrapping solution for your needs.

Pallet and wrap for engines:

If you are shipping an engine and the pallet is shrink wrapped, there must be a hole in the shrink wrap, so that the courier can access the dipstick to check the engine for oil.

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