Parcel Dimension Guidelines

Parcel Dimension Guidelines

When your parcel arrives at the sorting depot, it will be re-measured and re-weighed to confirm the size and weight is as stated in your booking.If you aren’t sure what your parcel dimensions are, and don’t have the tools to check, don't just make a blind guess. Try using the comparisons below to make a best estimate - we recommend you do this after packaging your parcel. But remember, if any surcharges are applied due to under estimation, you'll be liable for the charge (up to £50) so be generous with your estimations - it is better to be safe than sorry!



Our sizes and weights are estimates only to try to help with your order, so you can compare the weight of your parcel with something from home. 

If your item feels heavier than the average, please make sure you reflect this in your booking.

The items above are for comparison only, some may be prohibited or restricted to send. Please check that your items are safe to send here.

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