Freight Delivery | From Pallet Delivery and LTLs to International FCLs


P4D are experts at delivering, and freight is no exception.

If you have pallets and packages that need transporting, P4D knows how best to handle freight. Freight can constitute any form of goods that do not fit neatly into boxes or other normal carriers.

P4D understands that freight often requires specialist handling, with more emphasis placed on logistics. That’s why we use only the very best couriers who understand our customers’ needs.

Click the quote box above and enter your details to have your freight collected on your day of choice. Alternatively you can contact one of our experts Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm on 01279 797855.

Sea Freight Delivery

For large pallets and packages. Sea freight delivery, also known as ocean freight, is the transfer of goods by water. P4D offer a discounted, fast and reliable sea freight service. Read More.

Air Freight Delivery

For small pallets and packages. Air freight delivery is the transfer and shipment of goods via an air carrier, typically either charter or commercial. P4D offer a discounted, fast and reliable air freight service. Read More.

Road Freight Delivery

Road freight is an excellent economical choice for your pallet to be delivered across Europe. P4D are committed to providing our customers with door-to-door road freight services using our network of trusted and strategically placed partner couriers. Read More. 


What items constitute as freight and what can be delivered?

P4D are specialists at delivering packages of awkward shapes and sizes. With online sites such as Amazon, eBay and Facebook Marketplace more popular than ever for selling goods, providing a reliable and trustworthy delivery service has never been so important.

Many of the items sold on sites like these are often bulky and large, making collection and delivery difficult for businesses. Similarly, moving house can require such bulky items to be moved. P4D’s freight couriers can be of assistance in any circumstance. 

Some examples of freight items we can deliver are as follows: 

  • Cupboards 
  • Sofas and other living room furniture
  • Carpets and rugs
  • Electrical items such as computers and televisions
  • Doors and blinds
  • Gym equipment
  • Mattresses
  • Garden equipment such as lawn mowers and heavy power tools
  • Car parts such as tyres, seats and bumpers 

These are just an example to give you an idea of the breadth of freight we can deliver. Nothing is too big or awkward for our expert couriers, who will ensure that your freight arrives safely, on time, and in the same condition it left you in.

Freight Delivery Times and Tracking 

Like with any regular sized item, freight delivery services and speeds depend on whether the destination is local, national, or international. Standard delivery can take 2-3 days nationally, 5-7 internationally. We can request an  express delivery option for freight for a slightly higher price, where items can be collected and delivered within 48 hours. At P4D, we do our very best to find the most suitable service for your needs.

We also provide tracking so you can follow the progress of your freight delivery. This is especially useful for online selling websites like eBay, where tracking is often required by the recipient.