Parcel delivery: Central America & Caribbean

Looking for an air freight shipment to Central America or the Caribbean? Look no further. You can get an instant quote for delivery to places like Barbados, Guatemala, Nicaragua and St Lucia quickly and easily with P4D. If you prefer a sea freight quote we'll personally contact the relevant shipping companies to acquire one for you.

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Your goods must be on a pallet, wrapped and stable for lift (?)

Choose your pallet size

Quarter pallets
Up to 250kg
Up to 0.8m high

Half pallets
Up to 500kg
Up to 1.1m high

Full pallets
Up to 1000kg
Up to 2.0m high

    UK and European Full Truck Loads

    Dedicated trucks for LTL and FTL delivery.

    This is a documents service for papers only. Your documents must weigh 1.5kg or less when packaged and be 40cm x 30cm x 5cm or smaller in size.

    Package your documents in a cardboard envelope, not paper, so they can withstand transportation within a large courier network (?). Measure the dimensions for your envelope in the same way as you would measure a parcel, using 1cm for anything less than 1cm in size.

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    International shipping options

    Our prices are good, but if you're not in a hurry we can scout around for even better deals if you're not working to a tight deadline. Container shipping (shipping container) is an option for sea frieght, which will take longer, but can be significantly cheaper to destinations like the Bahamas, Costa Rica, Martinique or the Virgin Islands, British. Air freight is faster and can be just as affordable for popular destinations like Jamaica, Dominican Rep. and Antigua.

    International shipping

    You'll find many cheap flights to Central America these days, where distance is no longer an indication of expense. Shipping to places like the Cayman Islands and Panama is affordable now and you need no longer pay over the odds. The courier companies we work with run flights to Central America and the Caribbean for delivery purposes to make sure your parcel delivery to Aruba or express courier service to St Martin arrives promptly.

    International freight

    You'll need to check the goods you're sending to Haiti, Grenada, Belize or anywhere else in Central America or the Caribbean are not on our prohibited listing, otherwise you can ship just about anything for overseas shipping just as you could for US parcel delivery. Curacao and St Kitts are not distant to the courier networks we work alongside, this is part of their business and we offer services from as many international courier companies as there are available for your parcel delivery destination, be that Honduras Rep. or the Turks & Caicos Islands.

    Door to door shipping

    Just as though you were shipping an American parcel service, parcel delivery to Dominica, Montserrat, Anguilla and Puerto Rico is a door to door shipping service. All of our couriers are major courier networks and a delivery signature is always required if there is not a designated and approved safe place to leave the parcel.

    Worldwide shipping

    The world is small these days and a parcel delivery service to Antigua and Barbuda or Bermuda need not be as expensive or baffling as you might expect. As a reseller we offer cheap shipping services direct from all the major couriers with container shipping companies, TNT courier, bulk shipping and shipping by sea. If you need air shipping to Guadeloupe, cheapest international shipping to Niue, or bulk shipping to St Barthelemy, get your quote online or let us know if you need further help.