Parcel Delivery To Dominican Rep.

International parcel delivery services are available from the UK to the Dominican Republic. Most services transit through the United States and then travel on to the island on the following day. To see services from major couriers, just get an instant online quote below.

Sizes & Weights

Our sizes and weights are estimates only to try to help with your order, so you can compare the weight of your parcel with something from home.  
If your item feels heavier than the average, please make sure you reflect this in your booking.

A4 paper

21cm x 30cm

12in' LP album

31cm x 31cm

Pillow case

50cm x 75cm

Shoe box

13cm x 30cm x 18cm

Dining room chair

95cm x 55cm x 45cm

360L Wheelie bin

95cm x 55cm x 45cm

Tin of beans


Bag of flour


Inkjet printer






Single mattress


Dominican Rep. Parcel Delivery

name of the island is Hispaniola, originally discovered by Christopher Colombus. When he first set sights on the island he declared it one of the most beautiful places on earth. Many tourists have visited since and they seem to confirm his impression.Throughout the previous centuries the control of the island has passed between the Spanish, the French and the Haitians. The country of the Dominican Republic finally gained independence in 1844. Over the following years there was stunted growth and progress. Since 1966 the government of the Dominican Republic has been representative and competitive elections have become the rule rather than the exception.The Dominican Republic a popular tourist destination for Americans as well as Europeans. Puerto Plata is a well known resort and attracts tourists searching for sun, sand and relaxation. The capital city is Santo Domingo, this historic city is old and recognized by the UN as an area worth of protection. It is now the most populous city in the country and is a regional base for culture and business. The city is a bustling collection of over 4 million people and the home to many bars, restaurants and music venues.

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P4D can cater for a wide range of parcel delivery services. If you need further help with your booking, or feel like your needs are unique, please contact our sales team.

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