Parcel Delivery To Kiribati

You'll find affordable parcel delivery charges to Kiribati, ready to book straight away. The size and weight of your parcel affects the cost of delivery, but you can get an instant quote online and arrange collection with your chosen courier network as soon as you've found the service that perfectly fits your needs.

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Your goods must be on a pallet, wrapped and stable for lift (?)

Choose your pallet size

Quarter pallets
Up to 250kg
Up to 0.8m high

Half pallets
Up to 500kg
Up to 1.1m high

Full pallets
Up to 1000kg
Up to 2.0m high

    UK and European Full Truck Loads

    Dedicated trucks for LTL and FTL delivery.

    This is a documents service for papers only. Your documents must weigh 1.5kg or less when packaged and be 40cm x 30cm x 5cm or smaller in size.

    Package your documents in a cardboard envelope, not paper, so they can withstand transportation within a large courier network (?). Measure the dimensions for your envelope in the same way as you would measure a parcel, using 1cm for anything less than 1cm in size.

    Parcel collection and delivery UK services

    All of the courier services we work with offer UK services, so there is even greater choice for domestic shipping. No more waiting in line with a heavy parcel delivery, simply book it in and have it collected from your door.

    Heavy parcel delivery UK base

    If you have a large or heavy item to ship, this may not be suitable for a parcel delivery service or it may work out more expensive than you'd hoped. Usually, you can significantly reduce the cost by sending your goods on a pallet instead.

    More about pallet shipping